There are many ways to hack your lifestyle. There are so many aspects of your life that one could change for the better. Finding the life hacks to change for the better is the hard part. By opening yourself up to an uncomfortable situation helps the process of hacking your lifestyle to happen. Expanding yourself into the unknown world is sometimes “scary” if you look at that way. Every day, hour, min and second you have the opportunity to advance yourself as a person and go into the unknown world. Allowing for yourself to be you will change you life for the better. As you continue to read I write about ways I have changed my life and the experiences I have had since the beginning of changing my life.


Let’s Begin

Somehow my whole life I knew there was more out there. With the right motivation and vision I have been able to advance myself. Together Erica and I are the admin writers for As both of us grew together and expand ourselves has helped both of us to hack our lives. With both of us pushing our selves to hack our lifestyle it has made the process seem easy. I used to always dream and vision of what a different life would be like and how I would get there. Then it hit me! Why live some life that you are not completely happy with? Is it because you were told to live that way?

The answers to those questions are different for you and everyone. Yes I have lived a life thinking it was the “right thing to do”. For some people that works for them unless they know there is so much more out there. By looking at all situations as an advantage is a great a vision. I currently love the life I have now. Yes there is still stress and situations that come up daily. At the end of the day I do know that tomorrow will even be better and I have the chance to be the best I can be. Knowing that it’s you life. Knowing you are in control. Knowing you are the best of yourself every day will change you view so quick. Allowing myself to do this allowed for me to wake up everyday excited to see what new situations will enter.

Live Event/ Pod Casts

A live event with who? What is it about?

Ever go to a live event with successful people are just absolutely confused who you are talking about? My first experience was absolutely lifting. Yes, at first it was a scary situation. I was still trying to figure out how I ended up 20 feet away from the stage watching this all day event with awesome speakers. With in the first 5 minutes I figured out the purpose. I was able to get far out of my comfort zone into the unknown world and wow what good vibes. The speakers were all so great and the atmosphere was out of this world! In the future I will go in more details on another post.

Since, that event I still keep in active form of what was taught. Taking that information and that drive has allowed me to start hacking my lifestyle. Some people have never thought that I would go to this event. I went to this event to surround my self around other successful people. Having my wife, Erica, there next to me made the experience even better. Knowing pod casts have changed my life, it was great to see what one event has done.

Pod Casts for everyone and anyone is out there. Depending on you day that day the podcast could change. What is weird to know a lot of people have not even heard of such thing. Pod casts didn’t enter my world till a couple years ago. The day I found out about pod casts was an absolutely great day. I was able to learn abundance of information every day. Instead of music to pass time, I started listening to pod casts. Yes, I still love to listen to music. By allowing myself to listen and follow so many people that have hacked their life, it has allowed me to hack my life.

I am very grateful for that day I decided to open my world. Throughout my life I have had good and bad times just as everyone else. It’s what you do with those situations and times is how you will live you life. Start hacking your lifestyle at any point in you life. You control you life and how you live you life. Make the most of every situation by allowing yourself to open up.

Products That Hack Your Lifestyle


There are many products that change you life. If you allow those products to enter is up to you. There is always new products being added to the world every day. So far the products I have been around have changed my thoughts on my lifestyle. You can always find something that connects with you. Depending on what you want to improve in you life there is something for everyone.

One product that first changed my life is the product of past experiences. When you grow up you see ways to live life and unfortantly some things happen that are control able that go bad. You just have to learn from those situations and make better decisions for yourself. If someone keeps doing the same thing over and over again all that’s going to happer is the same results. By making a little change you are able to defeat that challenge and move on to another challenge. By learning this yourself from first hand challenges and the people that surround you is important.

Online marketing brings all sorts of products to you every day. The tools needed to hack you lifestyle are always in front of you. Google and the internet is a huge tool to find anything you looking to change you life. Simply as finding a product to improve you hair if you going bald. To cutting out any type of medicine that hurts you health going to CBD oil. Or finding a product that makes you feel like a new and better you while making you able to hack you lifestyle. There are some great products just finger tips away to improve you lifestyle.

Keep Hacking Your Lifestyle

Start a change in you life today. By just reading this article you challenged yourself by processing the words written. If you agree or not you were able to expose yourself to learning as much as you can by different people. Not everyone knows everything and is always right. You are always learning different ideas and visions. Seeing how others have hacker their lifestyle is a great learning experience. Find something that hacks you lifestyle and grow on that. Find more and more and you will be living you best damn life.

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  1. Garen


    I’ve always heard do something you fear everyday and eventually you will have no limits. I really try to abide by that.

    I love podcast. When I am working I play them to help me learn some and also kind of entertaining, too.

    I have heard a lot about CBD oil for years. I am actually kind of interested in checking it out for myself and a few of my family members.

    • Reply

      Yes! To reach out of the comfort zone you establish for yourself opens up many opportunities.
      I listen to 15 to 30 minuets of podcasts a day! I use it as fuel in the mornings to start my day off feeling inspired. What podcasts do you listen to?
      Cbd oil is life changing in what it can help out with! I love the positive impact that it makes on everybody’s life. Finding the best quality cbd is very important to get the best results! What are you looking to use the cbd oil for?

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