The diet that you can succeed at is the diet that is right for you. You can probably think of a million different diets that are out there. All the diets have these rules and regulations you have to follow to receive what you want from them. WHY? Why not choose the diet that fits your lifestyle?

Figuring it all out

There is no road map or secret way of finding out what diet you want to do. You go onto google and type in the best diet. The results you find are crazy! Everyone can tell you what you should be doing to lose that weight or gain muscle. Some claim to make it happen in just a few days. This is all great that with the internet you are able to see so many results.

You sit down and figure out which one is the best. The only thing you can judge what is the best is from people that have experienced the diet and wrote a review. Usually you can slim it down to just a few options that will work and your excited to try. The problem really is figuring out what diet is going to last.

Every “new” diet that comes out there is always lots of positive and some negative about the diet. Once you find that diet that will create the person you want to be then go for it. If you are searching for a change in your life, the best thing is to try something new and go for it.


The Real Diet

It does not really matter what results you want to achieve with a diet. Yes everything you read, hear, and see they all have something as a common ground. Its called EAT HEALTHY… By just eating healthy foods you will see a big difference in your body. I have gone from being a very active person and eating healthy foods. To eating anything that was insight and I would over stuff myself not really caring. Then one day I woke up. I started cutting out the package foods. Cut out the sweets and candy. Cut out the over stuffing myself till I couldn’t move. Started to move more. The next thing I knew was my energy level raised. I head felt clear and I wasn’t foggy anymore. I feel better than the person that ate good before and twice as better than the person that ate junk food.

The real diet that works for anyone is to get a simple understanding of how the body works. As you understand this, you figure out your body needs water. Turning to that glass door with all the sweet drinks in it is worse than turning to that glass door with plain old water in it. Then you start figuring out, water is cheaper to consume than all those drinks. Also, that in the end water will save you money in the future by having less health issues. So next time you go into the store go grab some water. There are so many options of water in today’s age that you should be able to find one that works for you.

The next big influence in any diet is exercise. This starts with you changing your daily habits. Try parking 5 or even 10 spotscars farther away when you go to the store. Keep increasing this with more time. You will see soon that you can walk farther than you ever thought you could. Everyone has an extra 5 to 10 minutes in their life. You might not think this is true but it really is true. That 5 to 10 minutes you spend snoozing your alarm in the morning you could be walking the block, do yoga, or and workout out at home. One of my favorites is to spend 10 to 15 minutes walking my dog at an increased walking pace. Then going into a yoga work out followed up with meditation. All this put together takes 20 to 30 minutes on average. The thing I did was make time! I want a better life and I’m going to make it happen.

Eating green and lean is a great way to remember how to have a better diet. Eating green is simple for eating vegetables and fruits. You get that urge for something sweet and the best thing to turn to is veggies and fruits! They have so many benefits by consuming them. If your not vegetarian then eat some meat! Eat fish, chicken, pork, cow, etc. If vegetarian there is plenty of options to get protein from naturally grown products. The more natural your food intake is the better it is for your health.

lean and green

Now What

So to some all this up into a few sentences is actually pretty simple. Go for a diet that is your diet, by doing this you actually can stick to the diet. If you can’t live the rest of your life with the diet you have chosen then find one that fits you! Being healthy should be something fun! Exercise is a key part of any diet. Its as simple as walking stairs or walking more during your daily activities. Eating foods that are made naturally will top off any diet and make it easy!

The diet that I have chosen to live with works out great for me! I am able to incorporate it into my daily life and have not had any problems. If you want to see what I have found leave a comment and I would love to answer any questions!



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